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  • How long does a Daddy Shack round take?
    You and a buddy can hack it around 18 in an hour and a half. Four amigos can get a round done in under 3 hours. If you would like to putt it will add a bit of time.
  • Do you need electrical/outlet access?
    Yes, ideally there will be a source of power. We also have a very looong extension cord so we don't have to place the simulator right next to a building. However, if your event is in the middle of hill country, we'll dust off the generator.
  • How big is the mobile simulator/what space do I need?
    Our inflatable is 26' L x 16' W x 13' H. It's mainly meant for outside being able to sit in all types of weather. However, if your event is in a large indoor space, we can also do that!
  • How long is the setup and tear down?
    About 30 mins for each, so plan for us to be there for an hour outside the event hours.
  • How short of notice can I book a reservation?
    We recommend usually scheduling out a week in advance to secure the day and time slot you want. But even if you enjoy procrastinating like us and wait till the day before, it never hurts to check with us through phone/email to see if we can get you in!
  • How far outside of Austin will you travel?
    We typically travel as far as San Antonio, Houston and Waco (~2 hours away), but will go further for an additional cost!
  • You seem geared towards events? What if 2-6 of us just want to rent for 2 hours in our backyard?
    Number of people doesn't matter; we work with individual practice sessions and host 100+ people at parties.
  • Can I bring my own clubs?
    You certainly can. But if you're just getting into golf and don't have any, we provide clubs and balls. We can provide a men's righty and lefty set, a child's righty set, and a women's righty set (will cover all you lefties soon).
  • What skill level do I have to be to use the simulator?
    You could never have swung a club before and still enjoy the simulator (great for kids). Playing golf for the first time in the simulator is perfect without having to deal with the judgment of other golfers at the country club.
Website AsseT 2_edited.jpg
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