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The Daddy Shack Blog: Like your dad's advice but if he wasn't six millers deep

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

To be honest, we're doing this for Google's authoritarian SEO so Daddy's Chicken Shack stops showing up above us (although we'd do a collab with our cheeky poultry friends if they're interested). But if you somehow found this blog and are for some reason still reading, welcome home. We'll give you some swing tips (not those outdated tips from your dad to keep your head down) and the important golf news for you to drop on the fellas/girlies next round.

Daddy Shack showing above Daddy's Chicken Shack

(take that you cuck clucks, @ Daddy's Chicken Shack)

Since we're on the topic of Daddy's juicy, chunky chicken breasts, we'll segue to our golf tip of the week/month/epoch: chunks. The golfing kind where you reduce the Earth's oxygen supply when your 9 iron removes 6 inches of turf because the cart girl hasn't cut off your transfusion dependency (shoutout to the Fore Play Barstool guys for causing a transfusion epidemic for dudes in their 20's). Now you might be asking "How can Daddy Shack get me to stop fatting shots in their half-ass blog?"

Since this isn't a cooking blog where we make you scroll through 8 pages just to find how many teaspoons of cumin you need for the recipe, here it is: hold your wrist hinge longer (other people say wrist cock but we're not immature daddies here). The sooner you release your wrists leads to casting, which causes your club head to move closer to the ground as it approaches the ball. Holding your wrist hinge for longer allows for a better angle of attack that reduces the amount of times you have to correctly time the shot. Unless you have the hand eye coordination of a pro-athlete (you don't) you're gonna be moving some earth like a backhoe thanks to this reduced distance between club head and ground. You could move the ball back in your stance to compensate, but this is just going to have you hitting pushy punch shots that go right.

Notice how both golfers start with the same amount of wrist hinge on the left, but by the middle pic, the bottom golfer has already released most of his hinge, called casting, and his clubhead is pointing to the ground much sooner than the top golfer. By the third image, the best the bottom golfer can hope for is holding his hands higher and trying to time it right when he makes contact. The top golfer just has to release his wrists when his hands are by his right knee and he is able to compress the ball.

Like everything in golf though, you might over compensate, so you'll start thinning it instead and hitting piss missiles. So if you're ready to stop running out of divot sand by hole 5, here is a nice little article below with tips to help you hold your wrist hinge longer.

But if you don't like reading, you can always come see us at Daddy Shack to get it dialed (our mobile simulator is coming in so don't book anything just yet, but here it is so you know for the near future).

Ryder Cup? I barely know her!

Ryder cup standings 2023

With the Ryder Cup team selection in less than 2 months, the standings are more intriguing than seeing a sugar daddy with his sugar baby at the bar. First off, it's apparently 2011 again with Keegan and those bushy eyebrow's making a resurgence this year.

Keegan Bradley, our bushy eyed daddy

*when they look like father & daughter but he puts his hand on her lower back*

In another twist, Rickie is ahead of JT in the standings, which is great to see considering Rickie's game was in the gutter last year, and it looked like he was going to be joining Smylie Kaufman as an analyst.

Four daddies on spring break

Almost lost half of the SB2K17 daddies to NBC.

Daddy of the Blog: Johnson Wagner

We really don't have to explain this, right? A former PGA pro and now a host on Golf Channel, his name essentially translates to helicoptering, which is pretty wild. He's clearly got style with the Bud hat. Women might even stop pretending they like men with beards if they ever run into this mustachioed prince.

Anyways, that's all we got. Hopefully Google starts showing our page now when you type "Daddy I Golf with Him" searching for our hot dad merch, which is all you can do since we don't have a spot, but that'll be coming soon.

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